Do you remember Amway and Dexter Yager? If not, you need to read this.

By Bruce Goldwell, Author and Success Coach

My mom signed  up for Amway back in the 60s. All she wanted to do was buy their soap. No one knew back then that Amway was going to make millionaires.  Not just a couple, but hundreds of millionaires.  I am guessing that many of those people that heard the Amway pitch saw the future and took the bull by the horn and road it to the bank.

In our day, there are so many opportunities available to choose from. Mingled with them are those opportunities that will come and go creating frustration for those that take part in them.

I have seen several network marketing opportunities with very attractive products. I am sure that many people’s heads are spinning with so many options.  Before joining a MLM business or an affiliate program, there are sevaral things that need to be examined.

Everyone looks at the products being offered and the compensation plan being offered.  I believe that there is another very important point the people need to examine that being what will their prospective sponsor do to help them get off to a fast start?

This is where I want to bring up Dexter Yager.  He had developed a way to help everyone coming into his down-line to succeed.  By getting everyone that he sponsored to agree to his plan, he went about creating the biggest organization in Amway.  So much so that his downline was over 50% of the company.

Wouldn’t you like to have been on his team?

I found a good company with good products and an amazing compensation plan.  In less than a month, I have done very well because I have some pretty good resources I use to attract people to my Affiliate web site.  While I have no idea of how many people have been directed to m my business page, I have been getting a sufficient number of new enrollments. These are people I don’t know.

When I get a confirmation that I have a new signup, I immediately followup and send them a welcome email.  I ask what their interest is and let them know I am willing to help them out.

I want to shift directions and start signing up people that really want to grow an income and will be willing to help those they bring in.

Dexter Yager had his Associates work with their new people to enroll 5 people and then each of those would help get 5 people and so on.  It’s not hard to see his plan would lead to people making money.  They ended up making a lot of money.

I want to help one person get 3 people and I want that person to help each of those 3 people to get 3 and so on. Because I have vision, I know that for each person whom commits to using this approach will in time earn a substantial income.

Let me explain this one thing up front.  The network marketing company [CTFO] I promote is a free Affiliate program which has a 3×7 matrix.  It is NOT top loaded. By that I mean you don’t make a lot of money on roll-up commissions on the people at the TOP. The money is at the lower levels.  Think about this… level 7 in CTFO has a potential of 2,000 plus spots. For that level, you are paid $5 for each person.  Let’s multiply that quickly. 2000 x 5 = $10,000

If you see the potential just with this one piece of information and that causes your eyes to open wide, you can stop reading right now and click here to join me in building a home income of your own.

The potential income from level 7 is just one aspect of the compensation program.  It has much more potential than this. Stop reading! Join me now and let’s become the Dexter Yager’s of our decade.

AGAIN, you should commit in your heart and mind that you will help those you sponsor to enroll 3 people too.

Let’s do this.


by Bruce Goldwell