Home Based Business Opportunities on the Rise

By Bruce Goldwell, Author and Success Coach

Home Based Business Opportunities on the rise

I can remember years ago a man coming to our home with a home based business opportunity.  The company was called Amway.  The big joke back then was that if you were with Amway you sold soap.  If people knew back then what we all know today about Amway, we would have all been jumping on board to claim our spot in the Amway empire.  When I was in Utah, I got into Amway and my upline was earning over $1,000.000 a year and live on the side of the mountain.  At promotion meetings, he would always say that his Amway business was better than life insurance and that each year the income would continue to grow even after his passing.

Let’s fast forward to today.  With the Internet, there is no shortage of home based business opportunities to choose from.  Fact is there are so many opportunities people are confused as to what ones are good, legit and workable and which ones are just temporary ships in the night.

One of the key ingredients I look for in an MLM or Affiliate program is if the product or service is worth whatever expenditure I am being asked to make.  I want to be able to earn a return on my investment at the very least.  If I double my money, I consider myself winning.  If I make a bundle, the win is all that much better.

It has been a long time since I have seen an great home based business opportunity come along that has a compensation plan that I find inviting.  A friend of mine called me about an opportunity however once I figured out how the comp plan worked, I knew what he thought he was going to earn would NOT happen.

This year, I came across an opportunity. I watched a short video about the compensation plan and it didn’t take me long to surmise that the compensation plan was one of the best I had ever seen.  Since the opportunity was a free Affiliate program, I signed up and immediately started looking at the resources available in the  back office. I took a really good look under the hood.

The name of the company is Chew The Fat Off or CTFO. The products offered are health related and the demographic for marketing their products is huge.  The products target weight loss and boosting the immune system and increasing energy.  With their weight loss shakes, fat burning supplements and a complete weight loss pack called the Get Fit Package, health conscious people can create a weight management plan to help them achieve healthy weight loss.

I have not found any red flags that make me rethink growing my CTFO business.  I believe the products will have high appeal to potential customers and the income opportunity in their free affiliate program is the best I have ever seen.  CTFO is NOT a get rich pyramid scheme. In fact, the bulk of income will come from building a based of customers and Affiliates at the lower levels of the compensation plan.

If you know people that need to create a personal weight management plan for healthy weight loss, the CTFO weight loss shakes [ShakeOFF] , fat burning supplements [ChewOff] and the complete weight loss pack [Get Fit Package], I would recommend you sign up with CTFO in the Chew The Fat Off free biz program. You will get your own CTFO link that you can share.  Your referral sales sales earn you 20% commission and the compensation plan which creates additional income is powerful.

Click here to look under the hood and see if CTFO is the right fit for you.

“You can lead a person to a home based business but you can’t make them join.”

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