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by Bruce Goldwell, Author and Success Coach

Things have really changed since the birth of the Internet in the 90s.  Back then it was a piece of cake to put together the code to have a web site and by just out coding whatever web site came up on the top of web searches, you could end up in the post position. I know because I had sites I created that did just that.

Here we are 20 years later and it has all changed.  Gone are the days where you create your page HTML code, load it to your server and start cheering when you see it come up on search engines.

Below is a list of  of topics on things that need to be accomplished so as to increase the chances of  getting a  web site into the top of search results.

What do you know about the following topics? 

• Ping/Index Your Site and Posts
• Web Optimization
• Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Website
• Keyword Research
• Backlinking
• Authority Backlinking
• Writing SEO Articles and Press Releases
• Press Release Distribution
• Local SEO
• Google News Approval
• Optimized Video Creation
• Targeted Video Marketing

Let’s make it easy, shall we?

Adwords and other advertising via search engines is too expensive for the notice home based business owner. You sign up in a business and you are given a web address [URL] to share with others to create sales or get other  people to join your opportunity so you can leverage your income.  The only problem is that everyone else that is an affiliate or associate in the home business you enroll is also have the same URL. The only thing different is the username.

You don’t have to go to the bookstore and by books that cover all the topics above so you can SEO your web site in the hopes of getting into the top of search engine results.  There are people with the skills who will do the work for you at a very reasonable price.  All you need to do is figure out what services you need help with that you can’t do.  These specialist will do everything else.

I know, it seems like a daunting task however the rewards will pay off if you have a good company with products that will attract a big demographic and a great compensation plan that in the end makes it all worth it.  Let me introduce you to SEO Clerks.

You Don’t Have To Go It Alone

SEO Clerks is a company a little like Fiverr, offering website services for a small price.


SEO Clerks was started in 2011, to provide a marketplace where people could buy SEO services. The idea was to create a safe and secure platform where the money was held by a third party until the buyer was happy with his order.

Jordan Delozier is the person who created and still owns the company. SEO Clerks  was transferred to Ionicware Inc which includes a group of companies: Listing Dock, Code Clerks, Webmaster Query and Freelance Forums. The companies are all either marketplaces for small tasks or platforms for asking or replying to questions about freelancing or micro jobs. Today the group has nearly 500,000 members and more than 370,000 services advertised.

What is SEO Clerks?

This is an online marketplace offering search engine optimization services and other small jobs for a fee. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can request the service you need. The platform connects freelancers who are offering a service to customers who are in search of affordable SEO or other services associated with a website.

Who is it for?

SEO Clerks is also for anyone who wants to propose a service (gig) to earn money. There is no limit on the price a seller can charge and there is a very wide range of micro jobs you can propose.

This could also be for you if you want to improve certain SEO aspects of your site or if you want to outsource some of your tasks. Here are a just few of the services that are available.

  • Translations
  • Article writing
  • Voice overs
  • Place or design banner ads
  • Create backlinks
  • Resolve WordPress issues
  • Create a WordPress site
  • Graphic design

Click on the banner to visit SEO Clerks to see what services they offer.

Looking for A Good Home Based Business Opportunity?

I have a good company with a product that fits two of the biggest demographics [marketing niches] there are.  The compensation plan is the best I have ever seen.  I invite you to take a look at it [click here to see short video presentation].  After viewing the opportunity videos, come back here as the following link goes directly to the enrollment page.  Important note: This is a free affiliate program with no purchase requirement to earn commissions on your personal sales.  To earn on the multi-level compensation plan requires a couple of qualifiers however I can assure you, no one will die!  For those the enroll via my referral to CTFO, I personally coach you to help you create a successful web site with the necessary tools to get you placed in search engines in the best place possible.


I wish you the best in the pursuit of your dreams.

Bruce Goldwell, Author & Success Coach


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