ProSpeakerBiz Bootcamp with Jeff Magee

by Bruce Goldwell, Author & Success Coach



October 8 – 9 | Las Vegas

“Now is the time for you to consider yourself as a Subject-Matter-Expert (SME).  Accelerate your success in 2016 and beyond!”

Jeff Magee


Who Is It For?

Would you believe me if I told you a strategically positioned SME corporate speaker, trainer, coach and consultant can earn more than 10K per day? You can do this with the expertise you already have in your field …

ProSpeakerBiz Boot Camp, the only training program of its kind will provide you with the foundation to become a professional Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Consultant. I personally lead the ProSpeakerBiz Boot Camp each Year.

A few years ago, I was approached by several individuals that had invested a significant amount of money to learn how to transition into this industry, set-up a thriving business model and serve the market – unfortunately they had become victims to great marketing messages by individuals that actually DO NOT DO THIS AS A PROFESSION and that is why they found themselves at the edge of a financial cliff. That motivated me, to evaluate the situational coaching I had done for years for individuals and explore what a Handbook detailing the fundamentals to this industry would look like and what a one-on-one intensive training program would look like?

What Will You Learn?

At ProSpeakerBiz Boot Camp, I will show you step-by-step how you will take your mental DNA to the next level!

Not only will the interactive training be top shelf, you will be provided: pre and post Boot Camp personal Coaching by myself, specific ProSpeakerBiz Fundamental Handbook, success books, audio tracks, DVDs, templates, professionally specific blogs, eZines, magazines, YouTube modules, copies of template Contracts/Invoices/Marketing Letters, ideas for establishing and working your data base, how to set-up your operating environment/office, business plan template, brainstorming session on identifying your intellectual capital and how to design the segmented deliverables from that for your market, controlled access to my personal business data base of 60K qualified contacts, personal introductions to my network of partners that produce my deliverables/resources, and even more resources to ensure your ROI!

If you’ve ever thought of becoming a professional speaker or corporate trainer/coach this boot camp is an absolute must for you.




by Bruce Goldwell