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da8pmfpohfh6by Bruce Goldwell, Author & Success Coach


I would like to introduce you to Silvica Rosca.  Silvica is a empowerment transformer. For women who want to move into the fast lane in business, Silvica is the perfect person to hire as your transformation coach and mentor.


I believe we all have a champion inside us!

I’ve learned to tap into that champion. 

I’ve honed this skill while mastering English as my 3rd language, boosting productivity and teamwork at a Fortune 100 Company and even training an entire site of 2,000 employees. And it came in handy when I started my entrepreneurial journey.

While working within corporate America, I noticed that I was surrounded by strong, independent women who somehow couldn’t channel that strength when working within the culture of a male-dominated industry.

I naturally started helping them. I even served as the site president for our company’s women’s association. While doing that, I also analyzed myself. What was it that I was doing differently? What tool(s) did I have that others did not?

And then it dawned upon me. Our #1 overlooked tool – the one that I used to further my career  is OUR MIND!           

This is the tool that can make or break your success!

I wanted to help women on a larger scale, so I quit corporate America and launched my own coaching practice. Now I help women who want to get ahead in their career become CHAMPIONS!

Remember to smile+ laugh+ love!

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Silvica Rosca is a member of the CEO Space International Family