We Made It to 25 FB Likes

Bruce Barbre is happy to announce that the Goldwell Dome Homes Facebook page has reached the 25 Like milestone which allowed him to tag the page @LowCostHomes4Vets.

Bruce Barbre, Vietnam Veteran (aka Bruce Goldwell author/enterpreneur),is establishing Goldwell Dome Homes (GDH) for the purpose of offering safe affordable housing for Veterans, Seniors, and the general public as well as create jobs for builders, real estate agents, and others in the housing industry.

The GDH Phase I plan is insure that Disabled Veterans needing affordable housing are given an opportunity to acquire housing in the first phase of construction as well as other Veterans in need.  Housing will also be available for other in need including seniors, disabled citizens, and others who need safe affordable housing.

Mr. Barbre is creating a plan to launch this new startup company and eventually raise investment capital to acquire land, licensing, SEC Compliance, engineering drawings, permits, and begin construction of his Goldwell Dome Home communities.  He is also building a team of successful professionals to help him achieve his goals.

Summarized Capital Plan:

Current: $2,500 Via GoFundMe Fundraiser  Small Donations $5 – $50 (See company website to link).

Forthcoming: $50K via Short Term Loans (Promissiory Notes) to do SEC Compliance, Executive Summary, Business Plan, Branding, and initial business expenses (Attorney fees, business advisor fees, etc).

After SEC Compliant: Equity Investing (See INVESTOR RELATIONS on company website http://www.GoldwellDomeHomes.com).  Raise funds to acquire land, licensing, permits, engineering drawings, hire contractors, and begin Phase I of construction.

Bruce plans to continue to grow the GDH FB page to keep supporters up to date on the latest news as well as connect with people who can help connect him with those who can help fund this venture.  Reciprical links between the company website and the FB page are available on each page.

To help support the Mission of Goldwell Dome Homes Phase I project to provide Low Cost Home 4Vets come and LIKE: