My CEOSpace Friends

by Bruce Goldwell, Author/Entrepreneur


I was happy and honored to make new friends at CEOSpace March 13-17, 2017.

I would like to thank Berny and September for all they do to help others to achieve their dreams as well as a forum to accomplish my Dreams.

I would also like to thank all those who shared a warm, loving, and giving huge during Veteran recognition.  I can’t express the words that help you feel what it meant to me and the healing it offered. Many layers of pain were removed by your words and hugs. The time has come now for Veterans everywhere to feel your love and kindness.

During the forum, I got to meet with many people who expressed their concern for Veterans and willingness to reach out and help.  I will be putting together more information about the venture to build #LowCostHomes4Vets.

There are people with many talents and expertise that I believe can be incorporated into the Veteran Communities to help Vets to grow, improve mind-health, and remove any layers of doubt or anxiety they might have so they can live more freely and achieve dreams still remaining in their heart.

My current need is to acquire Bridge Capital for setting up the CCorp, PPMs, and putting other things in place to move forward.  If you know of any investors who would like to help support #LowCostHomes4Vets via a Convertible Promissory Note (min. $2k),  I invite you to refer them to me so I can get the Bridge Capital Funding done quickly.  There is a slow track in accomplishing the Mission of the company and there is a fast track.  Veterans are in need right now, so I am hopeful that those who can will help me take the Fast Track .

A limited number of spots are available for Bridge Loans. Be sure to contact Bruce Barbre [delete underline character] ASAP to take advantage of this opportunity.

PURPOSE of BORROWING FUNDS.  The purpose of borrowing funds is to cover legal compliance cost related to State and Federal securities and regulatory compliance to start the Capital raise process.

MAY 2017 FORUM GOAL:  I will have an Executive Summery, 4-year plan, and estimate of return of investment for qualified investors and those holding Promissory Notes for Bridge capital to review.  Once PPM compliant, the option to convert promissory  notes can be exercised.


To raise money to attend the next CEOSpace (Current $750) and network during lunches, I offer the following:

  • Recognition: I will post your name and business with live link on the Angels/VetGivers page of the web site.
  • Blog Post:  Post a blog about you and your company (see Sept 2016 CEOSpace below)
  • 1 Press Release: PRLOG
  • 1 Press Release:  IBOToolBox Social Business Network. PR/Article


What would these services be worth to you?  $25?  $50?  How about you decide!

Here’s what you do:

  • Donate what you feel it is worth for the above services … (LINK)
  • Send an email with 2 paragraphs (your words), your website URL, and a picture to: mypositivevites (@)

Here’s what I do:

  • Complete the services above – Delivery 3-7 Days
  • Send you the links to the Blog post and both PRs which you can share via G+, Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere.


CEOSpace Class Sept 2016: