3 Ways You Can Enrich The Lives Of Young Woman In Cinncinati

“Use what you have today, to empower tomorrow.” ~ Gail Lee Gardner

donate1Blossoms was founded in 2010 by Gail Lee Gardner. I AM Blossoms creates a new way of thinking and educates the young women about LIFE. Focusing on all key five areas of becoming mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially fit. At the same time this creates more than enough exposure to our young women. We create vision boards, serve our communities, have photo shoots.

We meet after school once a week for two hours. The duration of weeks, is based upon the individual schools’ needs. Our After School Program consists of tapping into the five key areas of life, as it relates to becoming mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually fit. Thus, this creates a new way of thinking for our young women. Life trips are also included. The young women get exposed to the reality of life. Our Book Club consists of reading meaningful books such as self-improvement, and inspirational. I AM Blossoms believes reading is the foundation to education. Reading increases vocabulary, language and comprehension skills. Reading also creates a way of applying what we’re learning in I AM Blossoms.

Other ways I Am Blossom enriches the lives of young women is ouselective reading program that includes self-improvement and inspriational books, life trips, photo shoots, helping girls create vision boards, and teaching people-centered entrepreneurial skills.

Volunteer Opportunities:  Blossoms Back School Fashion Show, I AM Blossoms Gala, News and Media, Marketing/Advertising, Fundraisers, Board Positions, Facilitate Blossoms, and Role Model of the Day.

3 Ways You Can Enrich The Lives Of Young Woman In Cinncinati: Volunteer, Donate, and join the I Am Blossoms community.

When you sign up for the I AM Blossoms community, you join with other like-minded individuals who want to empower young women. Together, we can empower young women to be who they were destined to be!

I AM Blossoms.org is not an exclusive club … everyone is invited and best of all it’s free and on your own terms! You decide your involvement level and how you’d like to engage with us or take action on a number of extraordinary programs. As part of the community, you will receive email alerts on important issues that affect young women, and will have the opportunity to learn more about and work on topics such as becoming mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually fit, along with other volunteer opportunities.

For more information visit: I Am Blossoms

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