7 Year Old is Looking for Book Sponsors

by Bruce Goldwell, Author

Neva might just be a super hero for kids. She is inspiring kids (adults too) to do amazing things.

Who is Neva Lee Recla?

Lena believes all kids have super powers and we can change the world.
At age 2 she asked for her own business cards
At age 5 she supported veterans
At age 6 she led an advisory board
At age 7 she founded Super Power Kids

Now Neva Lee Recla is on a mission to inspire kids to change the world.

You can be a sponsor for a minimum of $250 by going directly to Nevaa’s website and get acknowledgement in her book. http://www.nevaleerecla.com/

Bruce Goldwell, himself an author, wants to be one of the sponsors for Neva’s book as a $1500 Sponsor. Bruce has a not-for-profit called VetFusion (Filed in Florida for 501(3)c but not official yet) which will provide safe affordable homes for Veterans. By being one of Neva’s sponsors, Bruce will get exposure for VetFusion as one of benefits offered by Neva.

Bruce has a way that people can help support his goal to be one of Neva’s sponsors with a small $5 donation. Any money raised above the sponsorship amount will be donated to VetFusion.

“I’m fundraising to be a sponor for Neva’s new book, a great cause. Please consider making a donation to help me reach my goal to be one of her sponsors. Thanks!” ~ Bruce Goldwell

To see how you can help Bruce reach his goal and help Veterans in the process visit: click here

VetFusion website: http://www.VetFusion.org