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TheBillionCoin TBC the billion coin: Donate to a worthy cause

You can support the proposed building of a Community Center near Cape Canaveral National Cemetery in Scottsmoor, Florida.

Bruce Barbre, Vietnam Veteran aka Bruce Goldwell, Author, is raising TBC to purchase 14 acres of land to donate to VetFusion Inc. to build the center.

cutright-allen-2bHelp raise $275,000 USD using TheBillionCoin TBC

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Estimated Cost units and land only:

Land: $275,000
16 20′ Domes: $650,000
16 24′ Domes $940,000
2 40′ Domes $816,000
80′ Dome Dining Facility $653,000
25,000 Dome Visitors Center $3.25 million
3200 Sq/ft Foyer $400,000

Total Estimate: $6,984,000 plus taxes, excavation, sewer, water, etc.

ccncCommunityCenterThe Cape Canaveral National Cemetery is located over 8 miles from the nearest town.
There are no facilities anywhere around for those attending funerals to eat, buy flowers,
or meet with family after the ceremony.

The Community Center along with supporting facilities will provide the much needed services.

Your generous TBC TheBillionCoin donation will help us make the Community Center a reality.

Thanks for your donation. Bruce Barbre Vietnam Veteran



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