If You Found a Way to Become a Millionaire, Would You Tell Your Friends?

I care dearly about the well-being of all my friends and family.

I just sent this email to those who accepted my invitation to open a TBC Wallet.

If you have not done so yet, I hope you will read this and reconsider.

Please forgive me for not making this email a personal message.I have over a dozen people who have registered to get a TBC Wallet via my referral. I want each of you to be sure that you know the current status of the value of TBC and the future situation that is inevitable.

If you want to become a millionaire and leave your friends out that is your choice. I on the other hand have let all my friends know about this opportunity and have allowed them to pass or take advantage of it. You are receiving this email because you chose to jump on the train.

The Value of TheBillionCoin is only going to “double up to 14 times” before TBC will have reached it’s maximum value.

If you opened a TBC wallet when 100,000 Kringles were deposited for enrolling, you will have a million USD ($1,000,000) when TBC reaches the maximum value.

If you registered and received 50,000 Kringles, you will have $500,000 USD once the @14 doubles has completed.

When I created a TBC wallet, I got 100,000 Kringles which was worth $19.00 at the time. The value of 100,000 Kringles today is over $80.00 so it has doubled in value 4 times since I created my wallet.

I invested a few extra dollars ($200 at the time) which means I have over $3,200 in Kringles which will be worth over $10,000,000 when TBC reaches it’s maximum value.

Sign into your wallet, see what the value of your Kringles is today (check USD). Determine what you want to achieve financially as a goal with TBC. If you need to add Kringles to your wallet, contact me to arrange obtaining the Kringles you need to achieve your goal.

As I said at first, you can become a millionaire by yourself or you can invite your friends to join you.

The world is about to change. Thanks for being a part of the movement to end world poverty. Hopefully ending poverty will also end war. Ending poverty is a worthy goal. If we achieve peace too, all the better.